Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Russian prison break- Use those spoons

Once again there’s been a Russian prison break. This time it’s from the supposedly maximum security Matrosskaya Tishina (Sailor’s Rest) prison in Moscow. Thirty three year old Oleg Topalov managed to dig through the ceiling of his cell, get out onto the roof, over the fence and away, Russia’s prison service told new agencies.

Russia’s investigative committee says he is charged with double murder and and illegal arms trafficking. He was in pre-trial detention when he escaped. A man hunt is now underway, as is an investigation, with words such as ‘dishonest’ and ‘careless’ used about possibly negligent guards.

The cells were searched regularly maintain prison authorities, concluding that it could only have been a spoon that Topalov used to dig out. They add there were also seven other inmates in Topalov’s cell, though it’s not know if they were involved.

The last escape from the Matrosskaya Tishina was nearly a decade ago. But across Russia a number of escapes have been hitting the headlines. Just last month a man convicted of drugs offenses claimed he was another man and literally walked out of the prison. In March last year an inmate in a remote Russian prison escaped when accomplices hijacked a helicopter and lifted him out on a rope. He was later caught. In 2001 three prisoners at Moscow’s Butyrka prison also dug a hole through their wall and onto the street.

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